Concert and Event Management

Looking for an easy way to keep your fans informed of your appearances?

No matter whether you’re a jazz pianist playing at local clubs, a DJ, a member of a rock band or a hip-hop group, you will love the advanced functionality of the MyBandTheme Concert management module.

Setting up your events is easy and quick, all you need to fill out are the details of your concerts, and the Concert management module does the rest. A separate concert page will automatically be created, which will include a Google Map of the exact location you will be appearing at.

The concert will also be added to an automatically created Concert list page, which will showcase your upcoming concerts, as well as your previous concerts in a very logical and attractive manner.

You can never underestimate the power of social networks, so the Concert list page automatically includes Facebook “Share” and Twitter “Tweet” buttons, so your fans can instantly notify their friends of your upcoming concerts, or perhaps share the concerts they attended.

A dedicated RSS feed of your concerts and events is created automatically when you use the event management module, which means that you’ll be able to post the RSS feed of your events on other websites, and it will automatically stay up-to-date.


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