Custom Widgets

Custom widgets are a simple and elegant way to add more content and interactivity to your website.

WordPress has thousands of widgets that you can use to enhance your visitors’ user experience, all of which are free to download and use.

MyBandTheme also has custom widgets integrated, which were designed specifically to take advantage of the unique modules of the MyBandTheme wordpress template.

All of the custom widgets take advantage of data and content you’ve already created within MyBandTheme, which makes the implementation of the widgets as easy as possible.

Its simple and intuitive.

All you need to do is enter your WordPress admin panel, go to Appearance -> Widgets, and drag whichever custom MyBandTheme widget you want to use to the sidebar widgets area, of the homepage widgets area.

List of the custom widgets that come integrated with MyBandTheme

  • MyBandTheme Music Player Widget: This widget takes the music you include in your discography, and puts them into an attractive audio player widget. The player uses jQuery not flash, which means it’ll play perfectly on even mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.)
  • MyBand Album List Widget: This widget also integrates with the Discography module, and displays your album covers, titles and short blurps in a vertical list. Again, simple, yet a very effective way of bringing attention to your albums on every page of your site.
  • MyBand Blog Post Widget: Present your blogroll in your sidebar in style, with this simple, yet useful custom widget. Customize which post categories should be included right on the widget admin interface.
  • MyBand Calendar Widget: The perfect way to keep your fans informed of your happenings, this widget integrates with the Event management module, and populates a graphical calendar based on your events. Place the calendar into your sidebar, and your visitors will never miss any of your gigs.
  • MyBand Event List Widget: This widget functions similarly to the Calendar widget, with the exception that this one simply creates a list of your upcoming events.

All these widgets can be added to any or all pages of your websites sidebar, as well as your homepage.


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