Sell Your Merchandise

Sell your band’s merchandise on your website with ease

Fact: if you’ve got fans, you’ve got potential customers for your merchandise! Instead of just selling them at your gigs, you can now easily sell your band’s merchandise on your MyBandTheme powered website.

Your Online Merchandise Store

Getting into eCommerce and creating an online store with MyBandTheme is as easy as installing a plugin. For this purpose, we’ve ensured full compatibility with one of the best webshop plugins available for WordPress, the Cart66 shopping cart plugin.

Excellence in Ecommerce -

Cart 66 allows you to:

  • Receive payments directly to your PayPal account
  • Sell your physical products, or services
  • Create coupon codes and promotions
  • Manage orders and include multiple shipping options
  • Multi-currency support
  • Product variations supported (very useful for shirt sizes, shirt colors, etc.)

The Cart66 shopping cart plugin is free to use, and includes lots of functions. If you need more control and support, they also offer a premium version, which enables advanced functionality:

  • Recurring payments, subscriptions
  • Sales reports
  • Live UPS ans USPS shipping rates
  • Dedicated support
  • More payment gateways (, PayLeap, etc.)

Have a look at the full list of Cart66 features to learn more, or watch the video below.


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