MyBandTheme update: v1.2

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MyBandTheme update: v1.2

Thanks to your feedback and observations, we just released a new update to MyBandTheme.

This is a recommended update, as it addresses several bugs, and includes numerous enhancements and new features, so please log in to your account, after which you’ll be able to download the updated theme files.

If you have customized some files and do not wish to re-upload all the files (thereby losing the your modifications), you’ll find a “changelog.txt” file in the file, which includes the list of files we updated.

Here is a summary of the changes in the update:

New features:

  • Added ReverbNation to social links on menu bar
  • Added new Event list widget: displays upcoming events in list format
  • Updated frontpage quotes: use space to leave either quote line empty

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Homepage positioning of MyBand Blog Widget fixed
  • Classic 4 template: calendar widget active day background updated
  • Fixed the tooltip on calendar active day: previously the tooltip’s arrow was at the top left of the day’s box, now its top center above day’s box
  • Fixed song listing, where longer song names were being cut: cropped track titles to 30 characters, then adds “…” ellipse, and on hover, same tooltip as on calendar, showing the full length of the song’s name
  • Updated Events page to not display future/past events if there are none
  • CSS fix for submit button with long text
  • Fixed 2px padding issue in Safari
  • Sidebar normal widget’s list items bullet is the same as that of blogroll, concerts


How to update the theme

Log in to your server’s file system via the cPanel file manager or an FTP program, delete the old “myband” directory from your WordPress installation (usually located at: /public_html/YOURDOMAINNAMEGOESHERE.COM/wp-content/themes/), and upload the new version of the theme. Make sure you leave the file and directory structure unchanged, otherwise the theme will not function correctly.

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