MyBandTheme update: v2.0

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MyBandTheme update: v2.0

Today we released a major update to MyBandTheme, version 2.0, which is a recommended update for all MyBandTheme users.

V2.0 introduces many new features, making the theme more versatile and powerful than ever. Leaving the v1.x series behind also means that we’ve changed some fundamental things and rewritten much of the theme’s code, making it faster, more compatible with 3rd party plugins, and packed with more features and functions.

Below you’ll find a list of changes we’ve carried out with v2.0. After downloading the updated theme folder, you might want to check the changelog.txt file for the exact files that have been changed.

New features:

  • Font chooser for both Cufon and normal content fonts, supports non-latin character sets.
  • Featured image slider hover text “always active” button in admin panel.
  • Running blog on homepage, which can be turned on/off in the admin panel.
  • RSS feed for events.
  • Cart66 shopping cart compatibility
  • Redesigned and recoded audio player on album pages, added iTunes, Amazon mp3 links, lyrics option, play counter
  • Added Google +1 button to posts, pages, events, albums

New widgets:

  • Album listing widget
  • Audio player widget


  • Considerable recoding to ensure better compatibility with 3rd party plugins which use JavaScript
  • Added date to event details page
  • Added extra code for better control of post/page metadata
  • Changed “Released on:” to “Released:” on album pages

Bug fix:

  • IE fixes
  • Facebook like button not appearing at end of pages

MyBandTheme V2.0 is a major update from the previous v1.x series, so it is recommended that you update all files. Please check the last item on the FAQ page for info on how to update.

As we mentioned above, this version of MyBandTheme propels the theme to a totally new level. We hope you will like the new functions, and that your decision to run your website using WordPress and our band theme can once again be reinforced.

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