MyBandTheme update: v2.4

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MyBandTheme update: v2.4

Thanks to the feedback and support of our community, we have fixed a few bugs and added some feature requests to the newest version of MyBandTheme.

This is a recommended update that includes security fixes to timthumb.php.

Updating the tumthumb.php file is highly recommended, as the old version poses a security risk.

Here is a list of changes that are released with v2.4:

New features:

  • Added CDBaby, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, SonicBids and Spotify to the list of Social Networks
  • Added option to reset number of downloads on purchased files to 0 for a given sale
  • Added event entry fee and event age restriction fields to Events

Bug fixes:

  • Classic 4 theme meta box right corner missing
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes on admin area
  • Updated timthumb.php to latest version
  • Fixed issue so song title shows up correctly on PayPal if it contains apostrophes
  • Cropped event venue if too long to 18 characters
  • Fixed text wrap around meta box and social buttons

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