Creating high quality, beautiful content is what will keep your visitors coming back to your website.

WordPress already comes with a great WSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) content editor, but we’ve taken things a step further.

MyBandTheme comes integrated with loads of useful content editing shortcodes that you can use to make your content more unique and engaging. Our shortcode framework is integrated into WordPress’ text editor, so the shortcodes are always at hand.

Here are a couple of things you’ll be able to achieve using our handy shortcodes:

  • easily add buttons
  • format your articles into columns
  • add animated sliders anywhere on your website
  • quickly add tool-tips to make your visitors’ experience more pleasant
  • include informational content boxes
  • integrate tabbed content
  • and much more.

Here is a complete list of shortcode possibilities that come with MyBandTheme website template.


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