Thanks again for your help, and by the way, I’m recommending the theme to my students at TheGuitarLesson.com. Some have big aspirations, and I’m sure this can help them move forward.


Hi there.

I just wanted to write you and let you know that your website and most of all your designs and idea to do this is absolutely amazing!

Your work has enabled me, who doesn’t know enough about design to create a professional looking website, to have a website that’s not only awesome to look at but easy to use as well.

I honestly can’t thank you enough… thank you, thank you, thank you!

I can’t wait to see the future developments of mybandthemes ’cause it’s a fantastic idea, well done.

All the best,


Hi there, I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on the theme. I rarely write, but I just had to, since it was probably the best 40 bucks I have ever spent :-) Actually, there are 5 of us in the band, and we split it, so it only cost me like the price of a happy meal :-D

So anyhow, the theme was easy to set up, even though I wasn’t familiar with WordPress yet. I’m still getting used to managing the site, but the options page is easy enough to use. I’ve watched the tutorials, and those helped as well.

We didn’t have a website before, so writing the articles and bios took a couple of days, but I would say the site was ready for the world to see in about 5-6 days. We’ve been sending it to all of our friends on facebook, and everyone loves it. A local bar even contacted us about a gig!!! And this was just a few days after we started sending the website around! How awesome is that?!?!


hello sir! we buy your theme yesterday, and it is working already fine. it is look very nice.

Thank you

Yi Chuin

Great job with your band theme, we got it to look really cool, everyone loves it! Thanks!!

Hey Greg, thanks for writing back so quick, that tutorial solved my problem, I should have checked myself. Thanks for asking, we are very happy with it, our website rocks now because of your template! I mean the difference between how our site looks now with your theme, and how it looked before, it’s just not even comparable. And all of the little gadgets are cool as well, we’re still filling up the concert section, but people have already started facebook like-ing some pages, since I can see in our stats that people are coming through facebook. Muchas gracias amigos!

…Thank you for making it all so easy and letting our creativity soar, (which may, or may not, be good for mankind)…but at least we’ll be looking good thanks to you guys! It all started with the template…

Thank you for the links!