Hostgator Uptime Test

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Hostgator Uptime Test

Hostgator is supposedly one of the most dependable hosting providers, but how does it handle the true test of uptime dependability?

Very well indeed! We have been with Hostgator for a very long time now (this site is run on a Hostgator shared server as well), and have therefore been monitoring the speed and uptime of our Hostgator hosted sites regularly.

We subscribe to a service that checks (pings) our Hostgator server every 5 minutes, and have been doing so for the last 3 years. We feel that the investment into knowing whether our websites are available more than offsets the price of the service. Uptime/Downtime Test from 2007 to Today

Here is our collection of Hostgator uptime stats going back all the way to 2007:

Hostgator uptime statistics

You can see that Hostgator sticks to it’s guarantee of 99.9% uptime, which is very comforting to know.

Keeping your website online is very important, and trust us, we’ve been with several hosting providers, and there is a reason why we stuck with Hostgator.

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