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Creating a beautiful website with loads of functions specifically designed for your band has never been easier!

MyBandTheme WordPress Themes

Welcome to the home of MyBandTheme, your one stop solution for putting your band onto the Internet. Harnessing the power of WordPress, the leading content management system, the MyBandTheme template will give you a professionally designed, modern website in 15 minutes.

The MyBandTheme WordPress template comes integrated with functions that will let you keep in touch with your fans, sell your music, and much, much more. Best of all, it’s a snap to modify the color scheme of the template and insert your own band logo, so your new band website will have the unique look and feel of your band. After all, image is everything!

Check out the functions the MyBandTheme wordpress band template comes with. (By the way, if you’re not familiar with WordPress, read this).



Does your band already have an album? Or maybe 10? No matter the size of your discography, you will be able to showcase all of your music thanks to the integrated Discography module.

Adding new albums and new songs to your website is a snap, and your website visitors will be able to play all of your songs right off your website, thanks to our innovative music player.

Discography module details

Sell your music

Make money What is the fastest way your band can start making money? Selling your music of course! And the MyBandTheme website template makes it easy.

Get 100% of your sales by selling your music straight from your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all on autopilot. Your customers will even be able to pay you with all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), since the MyBandTheme sales module uses PayPal as the payment processor.

You can specify which songs you want to sell, as well as what to let your website visitors listen to on your integrated  online music player (included with MyBandTheme). You can even upload short samples of your songs, but require payment for the full version.

The integrated album/MP3 sales module is jampacked with features that all musicians will benefit from, no matter whether you are in the big leagues, or playing at local clubs.

Selling your music with MyBandTheme

Event management

Want to let people know when you’ll be on the road? It’s easy with the built-in event management module.

Just enter the details of your concert, and it will automatically be added to your concert list. And of course your past concerts will be stored as well, where your fans can converse, share their memories, and more.

MyBandTheme also includes a custom Event calendar widget, which will show your website visitors your tour schedule on any, or all of the pages on your site.

Managing your concerts and events

Social media

Social websites like FaceBook and Twitter have a profound impact on the Internet nowadays, and cannot be ignored.

The MyBandTheme wordpress band template embraces social media in a number of ways. Facebook “Like” and “Share”, and Twitter “Tweet” buttons are added to all pages on your website automatically, so your visitors can easily spread the word.

And of course, if your band is on YouTube, MySpace, iTunes, or any other popular social network, you’ll easily be able to link to your profile pages through the unique Social Network menu found in the  top navigational bar of the template.

Social media features

Beautiful, modern design

Image is everything nowadays, and with the MyBandTheme website template for bands, you can be sure your new website will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Superior features, like the customizable homepage layout, big homepage slider, custom logo and custom widgets will all make you bands new website unique and, well, more attractive than the sites of most big label bands.

With 17 beautiful styles, covering everything from pop, rock, to blues and classical, you’ll be sure to find the color scheme that fits your musical style.

Just in case you can’t find a style that suits you, but you like all the functions MyBandTheme can provide, fear not! You can hire us to design a new template for your exclusive use.


Check out all 17 of the stunning designs you’ll get

Creating content is easy

Since the MyBandTheme band website template is based on WordPress, it is super easy to write your own articles, write a blog, write about your concerts, band members, or anything else you want to share with your fans.

Whats more, we’ve added a custom range of shortcodes, that will make styling your content easier and better than any other method out there.

You don’t need to hire expensive webdesigners and programmers to have a great band website that your fans will love.

You can have a fully functional, unique website running in minutes, thanks to the MyBandTheme website template. All you need to do is install WordPress on your server, copy the MyBandTheme files, and activate the theme. If you need help, have a look at these tutorials. Or if you want, we can install everything for you.


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